A variety of lessons/courses are available from complete beginner to advanced level
・Conversation and grammar
・Reading and writing/comprehension and composition
・Travel phrases
・Preparation for JLPT exams
・Business/formal Japanese  
・In-Flight Japanese 
・Speech/presentation preparation

・Greetings, songs, vocabulary and common phrases for children

Lessons are provided using personalized material.
Lesson planning is flexible to take into account your individual requirements.
Relevant aspects of Japanese culture and social etiquette can also be taught within the lessons and courses.

Online Lesson
A 45-minute trial lesson at 20% off the regular fee is available to everyone.

Available on Skype or Zoom with a lesson duration of 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

When two students or more with the same level of ability have applied, a group lesson can be arranged.
Lesson duration is 45 or 60 minutes, course duration is from 6 weeks and the maximum class size is 10.
To apply for a group lesson, please contact via the Contact Form.

Corporate Clients
PremierJapanese is based in London and offers face-to-face lessons for corporations in the Greater London area.
Please see the Corporate Clients page.

Rapid Progress 
Grammatical explanations in English are provided to help the learner comprehend and improve rapidly.
Lessons are customized to accommodate your particular needs, requests and objectives, and personalised handouts are supplied to help individuals progress efficiently.

In order to check fees and availability, and to book, you need to register first. Registration is free of charge and there is no obligation to book after registering.
Please contact via the Contact Form if you have any queries.

The booking process is straightforward.
After Register/Login, go to the booking page,
1) choose lesson type;
2) check availability and select date/time; and,
3) confirm and make payment.

Lessons can be booked from 2 days to 2 weeks in advance.
You will receive an appointment confirmation email after completing your booking.

24 hours before your lesson, you will receive a reminder email.

*Time slots can be adjusted to the time zone in your current country of residence.

Once a group has been arranged, the booking form is accessible.

The payment process is simple and secure via Stripe.

Only one payment to be made in advance of each lesson.

6 weeks payment to be made in advance of each course.

Rescheduling is free of charge until 48 hours before your lesson. (Once per booking)
In order to reschedule, access ‘Reply, Change or Cancel’ on the appointment confirmation email and choose your new preferred date/time from the available slots.
Once rescheduled, you will receive a new appointment confirmation email.

*Please kindly note that rescheduling cannot be made within 48 hours of your lesson and a new booking is necessary.

Rescheduling is possible free of charge if arranged a week in advance.

Cancellation Policy 
If the booking is cancelled less than 48 hours of the scheduled time, the full tuition fee will be applied.
In order to cancel your booking, access ‘Reply, Change or Cancel’ on the appointment confirmation email or the reminder email and inform of your cancellation before the scheduled lesson.

Once cancelled, you will receive a cancellation email.

*Please note that if you do not attend your scheduled lesson without notice, there may be a delay before you can book again.

If the booking is cancelled within a week or the class is unattended without notice, the full tuition fee will be applied.